Université de l’Ontario français

The Université de l’Ontario français is a French-language public university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The university campus is situated in the East Bayfront neighbourhood of downtown Toronto, near the Toronto waterfront.

The university was incorporated by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in April 2018, although it did not offer its first academic certificate program until September 2019. The institution accepted its first cohort of full-time undergraduate students in 2021.


The bicamera system of the university’s governance consists of two governing bodies: the Board of Governors and the Senate, both of which are established in the Université de l’Ontario français Act, 2017. The board of governors is responsible for governing and managing the university. The Board is made up of up to 13 external members (appointed by the Board and by Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor in Council) and 9 internal members from the university’s administration, faculty, and student body. The senate is responsible for the university’s academic and education policy, including standards for admission and qualifications for degrees, diplomas, and certificates issued by the university.

The university’s president and vice-chancellor serves as the university’s chief executive officer. Pierre Ouellette was appointed by the board of governors as president in June 2021 and took office on 7 July 2021. The position was previously held by André Roy, who served as the university’s president from August 2020 to February 2021. Denis Berthiaume and Édith Dumont served as interim co-presidents from Roy’s departure to Ouellette’s appointment. On 20 October 2021, the board of governors appointed Paul Rouleau as chancellor and titular head of the university