Canada is the northernmost state in North America. The Canadian capital is Ottawa, with 3 major cities Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. There are 2 languages spoken in Canada, French and English. French is used in parts of the majority of Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario (eastern, north, southwest), Canadian Atlantica, and Western Canada. While English is used as a majority language elsewhere with exceptions in some communities and Nunavut territories. Canada is also known for its fair, safe, and peaceful society.

  1. Quality of Global Country. Higher education in Canada is recognized globally. Some universities in Canada have successfully occupied the world’s 100 best universities webomatrics version, including University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Alberta, Simon Franser University, University of Calgary, University of Waterloo and University of British Columbia (UBC).
  2. Have A Multicultural Population. Most Canadians are of English and French origin, followed by Scotland, Ireland, Germany and Italy. This makes Canada a country with diverse cultures. His official languages are English and French.
  3. The Cost of Education is Competitive. Per year, on average every student in Canada needs about CAD 25,000 – CAD 30,000. These costs include meals, accommodation, transportation, telecommunications and others. While the cost of education, will vary depending on the level of education, provinces, institutions and educational programs taken. The cost of education, usually ranges from CAD 18,000 – CAD 31,000 per year.


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