Taiyuan University of Technology

Taiyuan University of Technology (Chinese: 太原理工大学; pinyin: Tàiyuán Lǐgōng Dàxué) (abbreviation: TYUT or TUT) is a university in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, under the authority of the provincial government. In 2012, it celebrated its 110th anniversary.

It has been included in major national initiatives seeking to enhance the international competitiveness of the top-tier universities in China such as Double First Class University Plan and former Project 211. It is a Chinese state Double First Class University approved by the Ministry of Education of China.

Taiyuan University of Technology is both solid in its scientific research and technological development and motivated in basic applied research. This university has continuously twice undertaken the national “973” Research Project as the first scientist unit and undertook the national “863” High-Tech Project. 434 prizes from different ministries or the province were respectively awarded to this university.

Dou Yinke, a young teacher from this university was selected to work in the Chinese 21st scientific investigation in the Antarctica. Tiancheng. Scien-tech Cooperation Ltd of Taiyuan University of Technology is the only university company in the province that went public.