Stott’s College

Stott’s College (formally Stott’s Business College) is a private college in Australia, first established in 1883. The primary campus is located in Melbourne, with three other campuses located in SydneyBrisbane, and Perth. As of 2018, Stott’s College has an approximate 3000 students, most of which are international students. The number of graduates from the College is estimated to be within the hundreds of thousands.

Stott’s College has three major departments, being Higher Education (Bachelor Degree), Vocational (Diploma) and VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education). Higher Education is split into two separate major streams, business and community services.

Stott’s College’s main campus is located in Melbourne CBD. It has campuses in MelbourneSydneyPerth and Brisbane.[2] Each campus offers both higher education and vocational training while the Melbourne campus has offered additional catering towards year 11 and 12 VCE since 2001.[3] Each campus offers training in community service while Melbourne and Perth campus offer additional training relating to business and accounting.