Singapore Raffles Music College

Since 2001, Singapore Raffles Music College has been one of Singapore’s leading schools for higher learning in music and dance, registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE). The College was recently awarded the EduTrust 4-Year award in 2021, certifying that SRMC has reached high standards in key areas of management and provision of educational services. It enrolled its first students in 2006.

The college’s campus is located in at 456 Alexandra Road. It offers a range of Certificate to Masters courses in Music Performance, Music Production, Music Studies and Dance.

Since 2010, SRMC has partnered the University of West London to offer various Music and Dance degree programmes.

Academic Faculties

Music Performance Faculty

Music Performance Faculty consists of dedicated lecturers with both experience and expertise. The various lecturers hone the artistry of the students through a combination of one-to-one training and ensemble work, nurturing them into the next generation of musicians to make their mark in the music industry.

The Music Performance Faculty consists of seven departments:

  • Classical Piano Department
  • Western Instruments Department
  • Chinese Instruments Department
  • Classical Vocals Department
  • Popular Vocals Department
  • Contemporary Instruments Department
  • Composition Department

Music Production Faculty

Lecturers in the Music Production Faculty play a crucial role in nurturing music and studio managers by imparting the practical skill-sets necessary for the students to negotiate the dynamic industry. Relying on their vast industry knowledge, lecturers train the students to become well-rounded music practitioners and improve their employ-ability in the modern music industry.

The Music Production Faculty consists of two departments:

  • Music Management Department
  • Music Recording Department

Music Studies Faculty

Focusing on areas such as Theory, History, and Analysis, the Music Studies Faculty supports the holistic development of students into matured music practitioners. Through projects and discussions, lecturers guide students towards approaching music from a critical perspective. Students are given the opportunity to explore different viewpoints and find their unique voice.

Dance Faculty

The Dance Faculty is committed to helping aspiring dancers refine their performance and choreography skills. Through practical training, lecturers draw on their diverse backgrounds to guide students towards a comprehensive understanding of various dance forms. The faculty is made up of talented individuals, with rich experience across genres such as, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Chinese Dance.