Providence University College and Theological Seminary

Providence University College and Theological Seminary is an interdenominational evangelical Christian university college and theological seminary located approximately 50 kilometres (31 miles) south-east of Winnipeg in Otterburne, Manitoba.


Providence University College

Providence University College offers Bachelor of Arts degrees with majors in Communications and Media, Biblical and Theological Studies, Business Administration, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Providence University College has the following faculties.

  • Biblical and Theological Studies. Providence College’s core is in Biblical and Theological Studies. It is offered to students in three different programs: a 1-year Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies; 3-year B.A. degrees in Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology; and 4-year B.A. degrees in Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology.
  • Business Administration
  • Communications and Media
  • Aviation – studies in career and missionary flight
  • Youth Leadership
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences

Providence University College is also home to an English Language Institute which prepares international students, whose first language is not English, for successful academic studies at the post-secondary level.

The inter-denominational evangelical Providence Theological Seminary prepares workers for service in global ministries, pastoral ministry, counseling, TESOL, and wider Christian service.

Providence is accredited by The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), and offers over two hundred courses that are transferable to University of Manitoba, as well as other Canadian educational institutions such as Brandon University and the University of Winnipeg.

Providence Theological Seminary

The seminary offers one-year certificates and Master of Arts (in a range of majors and programs), Master of Divinity (in two tracks), and Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degrees. The various programs offer options for students seeking ordination, advanced training, and general knowledge. Examples of majors (M.A.): global ministries, educational studies, counseling, theological studies, and Christian studies.

For a two- or three-year degree, a one-year residency is required. In some cases, up to one year of courses can be studied on-line.

Because the faculty and student body are international in scope, professors and students bring an enriching range of perspectives and experiences to the classroom setting and broader community life.

The seminary publishes the journal Didaskalia.

William Falk Library and Learning Resource Centre

Providence College and Seminary proposed to improve the library facilities through the construction of this new learning resource centre. The Learning Resource Centre provides room for over 100,000 volumes and the latest in technology. The number of private study carrels and other private work stations was increased to 200. The facility is around 20,000 square feet