Northeastern University (China)

Northeastern University (NEU; simplified Chinese: 东北大学; traditional Chinese: 東北大學; pinyin: Dōngběi Dàxué) is a Chinese public research university in Shenyang, Liaoning province with strengths in engineering and architecture. It is known for its prominent role in the information technology industry.

The university’s academic motto is “Striving endlessly for self-improvement, combining knowledge and action as one” (Chinese: 自强不息,知行合一), the first half of which is from the ancient Chinese classic Yijing, and the latter is a direct quote from Wang Yangming and also translated as “thinking-doing to theory” by the NEU’s Engineering faculty.

Having built China’s first electronic analog computer, university research park, and university-run commercial enterprise, Northeastern is now part of a government plan to revitalize the Northeast China economy with a focus on high-tech manufacturing. Its alumni include the founder and CEO of Neusoft, the largest Chinese IT and software outsourcing corporation, the first Olympic athlete to represent China, in the 1932 Summer Olympics, and the founder of Amnesty International in Taiwan.

With a total enrollment of over 20,000 students, Northeastern has received significant government funding through the Double First Class University Plan, former 211 Project and 985 Project, initiatives which sought to elevate the research standards of rising Chinese universities. In 2017, Northeastern was selected by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a Class B institution in the national Double First Class University Plan, a major government initiative to comprehensively develop a group of elite universities into “world-class institutions” by 2050.

University Rankings
Global – Overall
ARWU World 301-400 (2021)
USNWR Global 668 (2022)
Regional – Overall
USNWR Asia 149 (2022)
National – Overall
BCUR National 40 (2019)