Liaoning University

Liaoning University (Chinese: 辽宁大学; pinyin: Liáoníng Dàxué) is a provincial public university founded in 1948 at Shenyang, Liaoning, China.

It is among the universities listed in the nation’s Double First Class University Plan and former Project 211 affirmed by the Ministry of Education.

Liaoning University has a teaching body of 1,116 full-time faculty members, among whom there are six hundred and fourteen professors and associate professors. The university has 18,700 students of different kinds, ranging from undergraduates and graduate students to foreign students. Since it was founded, Liaoning University has established formal friendly relationships of academic cooperation and interflow with over forty higher schools and research institutions in fourteen countries, and has since fostered over a hundred thousand full-time students for the country and over 5,000 foreign students as well from forty-two countries including the United States, Japan, Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, the Republic of Korea, and Thailand.

The University’s library with its 18,500-square-meter building area, equipped with modern advanced facilities, is stocked with over 1.6 million volumes, including over 300 kinds of rare and treasured books, which are affirmed by the United Nation as the exclusive possessions of the University’s library. The University also has a history museum and a museum of natural history. They have a collection of over two thousand pieces of art treasures and eleven thousand pieces of biological specimens respectively.