Leeds Arts University is a specialist arts further and higher education institution, based in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, with a main campus opposite the University of Leeds.

It was founded in 1846 as the Leeds School of Art. From 1968 to 1993 it was known as Jacob Kramer College – having lost part of its provision to Leeds Polytechnic (the future Leeds Beckett University). It was known as Leeds College of Art and Design until 2009, and then Leeds College of Art.[7] In August 2017, the school was granted university status and the name was changed to Leeds Arts University.[8]

The University today has city centre sites both at Blenheim Walk (53.80882°N 1.55148°W) and at Vernon Street (53.801822°N 1.546684°W) offering B.A. (Hons) degrees. In autumn 2016 the College gained Taught Degree Awarding Powers and was granted university status in August 2017, when it became the only specialist arts university in the North of England.[8] Like many of the ‘traditional’ British art schools, it has a modest annual intake, at 2,145 higher education students in 2019/20. Out of 169 UK higher education institutions, it is the 146th largest.