Kangwon National University

Kangwon National University (KNU) is a national university in Gangwon-do, South Korea. Established as Kangwon Provincial Chuncheon Agricultural College in 1947 in Chuncheon, it extended to a comprehensive university in 1978. KNU serves as the flagship educational institution representing Gangwon-do.

Undergraduate Program

KNU comprises 19 colleges with 93 departments and five graduate schools. → List of Degree Program

Graduate Schools

Graduate School

  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Art and Sports
  • College of Medicine
  • Specialty Graduate School
    • Graduate School of Education
    • Graduate School of Business
    • Graduate School of Industrial Technology
    • Graduate School of Information Science and Public Administration
    • Graduate School of Judicial Affairs
    • Graduate School of Green and Life Industry Policy
    • Law School
    • School of Medicine