Jiangnan University

Jiangnan University (JiangnanU or JU; Chinese: 江南大学; pinyin: Jiāngnán Dàxué; lit. ‘Southern Yangtze University’) is a public research university located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. It is a National Key University funded by the Double First Class University Plan and former Project 211, and is directly administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Previously known as the Wuxi University of Light Industry (Chinese: 无锡轻工大学), Jiangnan University is renowned as the cradle and one of the major institutions of China’s light industry. Biotechnology, chemical engineering, food science, mechanical engineering, textile engineering, fashion design, and industrial design are the most distinguished disciplines of the university.

According to the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities, Jiangnan University ranked 501st-600th among world universities and achieved No.1 in food science and technology.


The school has devoted itself to the mission of making China an innovation-driven country. The school has taken a leadership role in founding the Collaborative Innovation Center for Food Safety and Nutrition, and has founded five “111 Plan” Base for Innovation and Talent Recruiting and 18 international joint laboratories.

Since 2012, the school has been awarded 7 State Scientific and Technological Progress Awards and State Technological Invention Awards, tied for 20th in China, and was ranked 17th in the Patent Award for Chinese Universities list in 2016. It is ranked 50th on the Chinese University Evaluation handbook, and is one of China’s fastest growing universities.