ITE College East

ITE College East (ITECE) is one of the Institute of Technical Education‘s three colleges under the “One ITE System, Three Colleges” Governance and Education Model.

Schools and Courses

The college has four schools which currently provides 43 full-time courses, 75 part-time courses, 3 traineeships and 9 work-study diplomas.

Full Time Courses
School Course
School of Applied & Health Sciences (AHS) Nitec in Applied Food Science
Nitec in Chemical Process Technology
Nitec in Community Care & Social Services
Nitec in Nursing
Nitec in Opticianry
Higher Nitec in Biotechnology
Higher Nitec in Chemical Technology
Higher Nitec in Paramedic & Emergency Care
School of Business & Services (BS) Nitec in Beauty & Wellness
Nitec in Business Administration
Nitec in Business Services
Nitec in Fitness Training
Nitec in Hair Fashion & Design
Nitec in Logistics Services
Nitec in Retail Services
Higher Nitec in Accounting
Higher Nitec in Beauty & Wellness Management
Higher Nitec in Event Management
Higher Nitec in Human Resource & Administration
Higher Nitec in International Logistics
Higher Nitec in Passenger Services
Higher Nitec in Sport Management
School of Electronics & Info-comm Technology (EIT) Nitec in Electronics & Internet of Things
Nitec in Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications
Nitec in Infocomm Technology
Nitec in Web Applications
Higher Nitec in Business Information Systems
Higher Nitec in Cyber & Network Security
Higher Nitec in Electronics Engineering
Higher Nitec in IT Applications Development
Higher Nitec in IT Systems & Networks
School of Engineering (ENGG) Nitec in Built Environment (Mechanical & Electrical Services)
Nitec in Built Environment (Vertical Transportation)
Nitec in Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound)
Nitec in Electrical Technology (Power & Control)
Nitec in Mechanical Technology
Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape
Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering
Higher Nitec in Facility Management
Higher Nitec in Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Design
Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design
Higher Nitec in Mechanical Engineering