Harbin Engineering University

Harbin Engineering University (HEU; simplified Chinese: 哈尔滨工程大学; traditional Chinese: 哈爾濱工程大學; pinyin: Hārbīn Gōngchéng Dàxué) was founded in 1953 in Harbin, China. It offers more than 150-degree programs, 48 of which are conducted in English. Designated a Double First Class University and a former Project 211 university, HEU is billed as a top institution for engineering and marine projects. It is also included in the Double First-Class University Plan designed by the central government of China.


Undergraduate, master and doctoral students are admitted in the autumn semester. Although the majority of undergraduate courses are taught in Chinese, many postgraduate programs are offered in English. Qualifications in related programs are required for postgraduate admissions.

International Students

HEU emphasizes the development of international cooperation and academic exchange. Since 2000, HEU students have included nationals from Canada, Korea, Russia, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, Nepal, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.