Hansung University

Hansung University is a university in SeoulSouth Korea. It was founded on December 21, 1972.[1] The Design Campus is located in Jongno-guSeoul.


Undergraduate Colleges

College of Humanities

  • Division of Korean language & Literature (Day & Evening)
    • Major in Korean Language and Literature
    • Major in Applied-Korean language
  • Division of English language & Literature (Day & Evening)
  • Division of History and Culture (Day & Evening)
    • Major in Korean History and Culture
    • Major in East Asian History and Culture
    • Major in Euro-American History and Culture
  • Division of Knowledge & Information Science (Day & Evening)
    • Major in Library & Information Science
    • Major in Archives and Records Management College of Social Sciences

College of Social Science

  • Division of Business Administration (Day & Evening)
  • Division of Public Administration and Economics (Day & Evening)
  • Division of International Trade and Real Estate (Day & Evening)

College of Arts

  • Department of Dancing
  • Department of Painting
    • Major in Eastern Painting
    • Major in Western Painting
  • Division of Media Design Contents
    • Major in Hyper Media Design
    • Major in Animation & Product Interaction
    • Major in Interior Design
  • Division of Fashion Design & Business (Day & Evening)
    • Major in Fashion Design
    • Major in Apparel Fashion & Business

College of Engineering

  • Division of Computer Engineering (Day & Evening)
    • Major in Multimedia Information Processing
    • Major in Computer System
  • Division of Information Engineering (Day & Evening)
    • Major in Information & Communications Engineering
    • Major in Software System
  • Division of Industrial & Mechanical Systems Engineering (Day & Evening)