Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou Medical University (GMU, Chinese: 广州医科大学), formerly known as Guangzhou Medical College, is a Chinese medical school located in Guangzhou.


Guangzhou Medical University has two campuses, Panyu and Yuexiu, covering an area of 372,300 square meters and a construction area of 481,900 square meters. There are 22 colleges, 7 directly affiliated hospitals and 11 non-directly affiliated hospitals, and 28 research institutions.

Guangzhou Medical University has 20 research institutes. Namely,

Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases,

The Sino-French Hoffmann Institute,

Guangzhou Institute of Snake Venom,

Institute of Neuroscience,

Institute for Chemical Carcinogenesis,

Cancer Research Institute,

Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences,

Institute of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine,

Guangzhou Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology,

Guangzhou Institute of Cardiovascular Disease,

Guangzhou Institute of Orthopedics,

Urology Institute and Institute of Higher Education.

Academic Program

Specialties include clinical medicine, medical examination, medical imaging, nursing, anesthesiology, stomatology, preventive medicine, pharmacy, therapeutic recreation, public service administration (PSA), biomedical engineering, psychotechnics, biotechnology, Chinese and Western integrative medicine, law, statistics, information management and systems, marketing management and food quality inspection.