FernUni Switzerland

in FernUni Schweiz is an accredited university institute in the field of distance learning Switzerland .


The range of courses includes bachelor’s and master’s courses in history, artificial intelligence, mathematics, law, psychology and economics as well as further training in data protection.


The Foundation has the following bodies: The Foundation Council deals with strategic management, the Scientific Advisory Board supports quality assurance in teaching, studies and research and is the specialist committee for all questions relating to academic teaching and research. The management is responsible for operational management. Two other departments take care of teaching and research on the one hand, and finance, human resources, IT, marketing and communication on the other. The operative management is held by Marc Bors as rector.

The teaching staff is made up of our own highly qualified professors.

Educational Mission

The educational mandate of FernUni Schweiz was given to it by the canton of Valais and formulated for the whole of Switzerland. According to this, FernUni Schweiz promotes equal opportunities in the higher education sector. With its study system, it helps to exploit educational potential and counteract the shortage of skilled workers with its courses. FernUni Schweiz offers opportunities for lifelong learning at university level and awards recognized university degrees. [8] It specializes in part-time study and stands for the compatibility of work or family with an academic education.

Teaching and Learning System

FernUni Schweiz uses the modern concept of distance learning , blended learning . This combines computer-assisted learning and traditional teaching. The course is structured as a combination of supervised online, self-study and face-to-face studies.