The European School of Economics (ESE) is a private college of higher education.

It is accredited by ASIC validated by the University of Chichester, and in the order of listed bodies. ESE offers UK bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MBA, and specialised short programmes at its centres in London, Rome, Milan, Florence, and Madrid, although the Spanish campus is no longer accredited.

ESE students can earn a BSc (Honours) in marketing, finance, management, or media and communications, an MSc in finance, management or marketing, or an MBA.

The European School of Economics was founded in Italy in 1994. Each country has its own local management. In 2013 the European School of Economics UK Ltd. (ESE Foundation) became a charity. ESE campuses are presently managed by ESE Italy, ESE Spain, ESE Insight Ltd, and ESE New York Inc.