École de technologie supérieure

École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is a public engineering faculty in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Founded in 1974, the École de technologie supérieure is a constituent of Université du Québec system. Specialized in applied teaching in engineering and technology transfer to companies, where professors, engineers and researchers who are recognized for their practical, industrial and innovative approaches.

In any given year, 25% of all engineers receiving a diploma from an engineering school or faculty in the province of Quebec graduate from the ÉTS. Hence, it is ranked first in Quebec and second in Canada for the total number of engineering diplomas awarded annually.


University rankings
Global rankings
U.S News & World Report Global 1228
Canadian rankings
U.S News & World Report National 30

The school features cooperative education in all of its undergraduate programs. The bachelor’s programs have all been accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). Each year, ETS graduates the largest number of engineers in Quebec and ranks second in Canada. Students can specialize in the following disciplines: Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering. The university also offers multiple research programs leading to a Master’s or a PhD degree. International graduate students come from all five continents, including, notably, France, Brazil, Mexico, India, and Iran. The main research fields are energy, environment, manufacturing, health technologies, enterprise systems, IT, micro-electronics and telecommunications, aerospace manufacturing and avionics, project management, innovation management and many more.