Curtin Education Centre

Curtin Education Centre, known as Curtin Singapore is a campus of Australia’s Curtin University. Curtin Singapore is an Australian-based university that provides local and international students with the opportunity to receive an Australian university education in Singapore. Curtin University is an Australian public research university based in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia. It is named after John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia from 1941 to 1945, and is the largest university in Western Australia, with 59,939 students in 2021. Curtin campus locations include Perth, Kalgoorlie, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius and Singapore. Curtin University is a member of Australian Technology Network (ATN), and Curtin Singapore is registered under the Committee for Private Education Singapore (CPE)

Entry Requirements

Curtin demands academic entry requirement and English entry requirement for new students including O levels, A levels, IB Diploma, SAT, and Polytechnic diploma or equivalent.

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree

For undergraduate courses, Curtin’s academic entry requirement is high-school level 12 or equivalent and English entry requirement is minimum 6.0 IELTS score or equivalent.

Graduate/Master’s degree

For postgraduate courses, Curtin academic entry requirement is undergraduate or bachelor’s degree acceptable by Curtin standard. To join Curtin postgraduate course, student also required English entry requirement of minimum 6.5 IETLS score or equivalent.