Communication University of China

The Communication University of China (CUC) (Chinese: 中国传媒大学; pinyin: Zhōngguó Chuánméi Dàxué) is a leading public university in Beijing. It is one of the China’s key universities of ‘Double First Class University Plan‘, directly administered by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. CUC developed from what used to be a training center for technicians of the Central Broadcasting Bureau that was founded in 1954. In April 1959, it was upgraded to the Beijing Broadcasting Institute (BBI) (Chinese: 北京广播学院; pinyin: Běijīng Guǎngbō Xuéyuàn) approved by the State Council. In August 2004, BBI was renamed Communication University of China. CUC is located in the eastern part of Beijing near the ancient canal, which occupies 463,700 square meters of land and a total of 499,800 square meters of buildings.


Communication University of China is widely regarded as one of the most competitive universities for admission in China.

In September 2017, CUC was selected as one of 140 Double First Class University Plan universities approved by the Ministry of Education.

In the fourth round of China University Subject Rankings (CUSR) by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2018, Communication University of China ranked first in mainland China with its two disciplinary areas evaluated as A+ disciplines, including “Journalism and Communication” and “Drama, Film and Television Studies” and ranked third with A− in “Art Theory”, tenth with B+ in “Design”, 19th with B in “Fine Arts” in China.