Central University of Finance and Economics

Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE; simplified Chinese: 中央财经大学; traditional Chinese: 中央財經大學; pinyin: Zhōngyāng Cáijīng Dàxué), is a national public research university located in Beijing, China.

Central University of Finance and Economics is the first economics and management university which was founded by the China Central Government and now under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China. The university is a national key university with subjects in economics, management, law, literature, philosophy, science, engineering, pedagogy and art.

Central University of Finance and Economics is a Double First Class University Plan university, also a member of former Project 211 and the 985 Innovative Platforms for Key Disciplines Project, which receives support from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and the Beijing Government. It is a Chinese state Double First Class University identified by the Ministry of Education.

Central University of Finance and Economics has been regarded as the best university in finance, economics, business and management of China, which is known as “the Cradle of Giants in the Fields of Finance and Management”. In The Report of Chinese Universities and Courses evaluation of 2017–2018 (released by Research Center for China Science Evaluation), Central University of Finance and Economics was ranked No.1 among 67 finance and economics universities in mainland China. According to 2018 China College Rankings By Salary, the average salaries of CUFE graduates is ranked No.9 in China. In the Assessments of Ministry of Education, the Applied Economics of CUFE is ranked as No. 1 in China, accompanying with the Peking University and the Renmin University of China.


Central University of Finance and Economics has four campuses in Beijing (Civil Campus, Shahe Campus, Qinghe Campus and Xishan Campus) and operates 38 correspondence centers in 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China. The schools, centers, institutes and academies of CUFE are listed below.


  • School of Public Finance and Tax
  • School of Finance
  • School of Accountancy
  • School of Insurance
  • School of Statistics and Mathematics
  • School of International Trade and Economics
  • School of Economics
  • Business School
  • School of Management Science and Engineering
  • School of Government
  • School of Sport Economics and Management
  • Law School
  • School of Sociology and Psychology
  • School of Marxism
  • School of Culture and Communication
  • School of Foreign Studies
  • School of Information



  • Center for China Fiscal Development
  • China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research


  • China Economics and Management Academy
  • Chinese Academy of Finance and Development
  • China Academy of Public Finance and Public Policy