Capital Normal University

Capital Normal University (首都师范大学, pinyin: Shǒudū Shīfàn Dàxué, or 首师大 for short) is a university in Beijing, China. It is a Chinese state Double First Class University Plan university, identified by the Ministry of Education of China. Founded in 1954, formerly known as Beijing Normal College. In 1992, the branch of Beijing Normal College was merged into Beijing Normal College, and the school was renamed Capital Normal University.


Capital Normal University comprises eight campuses most of which are located on Third Ring Road in Beijing. The southern campus is the headquarters and houses the majority of CNU’s academic programs. The North 1 campus houses the College of International Culture. The North 2 campus houses the College of Information Engineering. The East 1 campus houses the College of Education. The LiangXiang campus houses the Department of Fundamental Education for freshman.