Beijing University of Technology

Beijing University of Technology (simplified Chinese: 北京工业大学; traditional Chinese: 北京工業大學; pinyin: Běijīng Gōngyè Dàxué), also called Beijing Polytechnic University or Bei Gong Da (北工大), is recognized as one of the Project 211 universities. The University has established a multidisciplinary academic structure, offering a variety of programs, and is involved in diversified research in the fields of Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Liberal Arts, and Law. It is a Chinese state Double First Class University Plan university, as identified by the Ministry of Education.


Beijing Tech is a key university under the jurisdiction of the Beijing Municipal Government. It has the following colleges (faculties):

  • College of Applied Mathematical and Physical Science
  • College of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • College of Architecture Engineering
  • College of Arts
  • College of Economics and Management (including: Faculty of Law)
  • College of Computer Science
  • College of Continuing Education
  • College of Electronic Information and Control Engineering
  • College of Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • College of Foreign Languages
  • College of Humanities and Social Science
  • College of Life Science and Bioengineering
  • College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology
  • College of Materials Science and Engineering
  • College of Metropolitan Transportation
  • College of Software Engineering
  • Institute of Laser Engineering (National Center of Laser Technology)
  • Gengdan College (Independent College)
  • Experimental College (Independent College)
  • Division of Physical Education
  • Fan Gongxiu Honors College of Beijing University of Technology [4]
  • Beijing Dublin International College