Anhui University

Anhui University (simplified Chinese: 安徽大学; traditional Chinese: 安徽大學; pinyin: Ānhuī Dàxué), colloquially known in Chinese as An Da (安大, Āndà), is located in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province, China. Founded in 1928 in Anqing, named ‘National Anhui University’ in 1946 and moved to Hefei in 1958, Anhui University is supported by the government under the Double First Class University Plan and Project 211. It is a Chinese state Double First Class University recognized by the Ministry of Education of China. The university currently has approximately 27,000 students and 2500 staff including 1522 faculty members. Consisting of 14 colleges, Anhui University’s broad-based education covers philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, science, engineering and management. Its motto is ‘honest, resolute, erudite, discreet’. For the past 80 years Anhui University has provided higher education in fundamental knowledge, professional skills, social responsibility and innovative concepts. On its 80th anniversary the university hosted the 7th Forum of Presidents from Asian Universities. In 2015 the university purchased the Anhui University Bamboo Strips which is a collection of Warring States manuscripts currently under publication.

Department Structure

Anhui University consists of 18 schools, 44 departments, 65 undergraduate programs, 119 master’s degree programs, 16 PhD programs, one post-doctorate research flow work station, four professional master’s degree programs, two state-level disciplines and 12 provincial-level disciplines. The university has a staff of 2399 consisting of 210 professors and 490 associate professors. The student population totals 28143 including 6466 mature students.[2]

Postdoctoral Research Station

  • Computer Application and Technology

State Key Disciplines

  • Chinese Language & Graphonomy
  • Computer Application Technology

Provincial Key Disciplines

  • Basic Mathematics and Probability Statistics
  • Material Physics
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Circuit and Systems
  • Foreign Philosophy
  • Political Economics
  • Economics Law
  • Ancient Chinese Literature
  • English Linguistics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Computer Applications
  • Magnetic and Microwave Technology
  • Information Management and Information Systems
  • Arts and Design
  • Music

Research Institution for Human & Social Sciences under the Ministry of Education

  • Huizhou Studies

Key labs under the Ministry of Education

  • Intelligent Computing and Signal Processing