First things first: The United Kingdom as a sovereign nation consists of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It has 4 weathers and most of the time is windy or rainy. United Kingdom has lots of attractive and beautiful places for tourist, some were under UNESCO’s World Heritage protection. They have lots of historical places such as castle, art, monuments, which can be visited.

They have great transportation system, it is easy to go from one cities to another. You can fly directly into London Heathrow from virtually anywhere in the world. There are lots of domestic flights in the United Kingdom

  • UK has a high standard education system and was monitored regularly by the Government. Its 24 Russell universities are valued as global leaders in teaching and research. Some of the UK’s most famous universities have traditionally been ranked as the best in the world: Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Durham, and more.
  • Their alumni include some of the greatest minds the world has ever witnessed, whose work gained worldwide recognition. Very often after getting their degrees these personalities stay in the campus as a part of the university professorship.
  • A country with so much diversity, with all religions and faiths represented in some way. London in United Kingdom ranked first as the best city for students in 2018. This country is a blending of urban and rural, the modernity and the classics. Student can work part time 20 hours/ week and unlimited during holiday


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