South Korea is a developed country with high income economy. This is a country who combines traditional culture with advanced technology. Even Seoul has becomes a Metropolitan city, Korean people still strongly preserve Korean Culture and History.

It is a global leader for technology, education, tourism and culture. Every year, the amount of tourist increased by 10% as they have lots of tourist attraction can be offered from beautiful volcanic islands, traditional countryside, beaches and historical heritage that can be found even in Seoul.

  • Korea’s ranked first in education for four consecutive years (World Top 20 Education Poll), but still consider cheaper than other western country, as they did not differentiate the tuition fee with local students.
  • It is a great country for those who are interested in the field of electronics, automobiles, ships, machinery, petrochemicals, and robotics. Take example of Samsung, KIA, LG, and more. Culture, media, film, event and tourism also one of the excellent programs that can be taken in Korea. Since Hallyu Wave sweeps across Asia, K-drama and K-pop becomes the driving factors for Korea Tourism.
  • In Korea, international students are allowed to take part time job and have lots of entertainment from free music show, festivals, night market, and more.


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