This country, which is only 90 minutes flight from Jakarta, is one of the Commonwealth countries in the United Kingdom, and is a popular choice for Indonesian students because the short distance and a culture that is not much different.  

Singapore is similar to Malaysia and Indonesia, they only have two seasons: rainy and dry. Even though it is relatively a small country, but Singapore is one of the developed country in Asia. Despite being closed to Indonesia, but the minimum salary in Singapore is three times higher than in Indonesia. Most of Singaporean spokes English and Mandarin.

  • The rapid development and internationalization of education in Singapore has got the third rank in the QS Best Student City Rankings 2013. Degree achieved in Singapore is recognized internationally.
  • Singapore has more than 1 main language spoken in the country. Fortunately, 75% of Singaporean people able to use English fluently. Singapore city is relatively clean and safe since for those who throw trash in the public roads or facility carelessly, there will be heavy punishment.
  • They have installed 24 hours CCTV in roads, public facility, public transportation, apartments, and almost everywhere. Moreover, drug abuse and ragging in college campus are strictly prohibited in Singapore.


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