Korea Lift College

Geochang Polytechnic College, also Keochang Polytechnic College, is a technical college located in Geochang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. It is affiliated with the nationwide Korean Foundation for Polytechnic Colleges. It first opened its doors in 1997.


The campus is located in Geochang-eup, a short distance outside the town. There are seven principal buildings on the campus, including a library and dormitory.


The college received permission to open on the last day of 1996, and welcomed its first students only three months later. At the time it had six departments, as it does now. The first entering class consisted of 132 students.


The college has six academic departments: Mechatronics, Industrial Design, Automotive, Electrical Instrumentation and Control, Electronics, and Computer Assisted Design. Courses of study are two years in length.

Students and Faculty

About 200 students enter the college each year. The graduation rate averages about 80%.