Konyang University

Konyang University (건양대학교; RR: Geonyang), located in Nonsan, South Korea, was founded in 1991.

Konyang University has campuses in Nonsan and Daejeon. The Nonsan campus is the main campus with over 10,000 undergraduate students, eight colleges with more than forty majors, mostly in applied fields About 230 of the students are foreign students. The Daejeon campus has programs in Western medicine, medical technology, and nursing. The university has about 700 graduate students. It is accredited by the Korean Council for University Education .[1]

In 2011, Konyang was one of four private ROK universities that began offering military science as a major.

The university president is Dr. Kim Hi-soo, recipient of the 2006 South Korean Mugunghwa Order of Civil Merit Medal (국민훈상무궁화장) prize for outstanding citizen, for his work in fostering education.

In 2013, as part of a major reorientation of the nation’s tertiary educational system and in part in response to the significantly changing demographics, the country’s government announced a change in financial support to both public and private universities. Schools that have not been performing well would have their support drastically cut. At the same time, institutions could apply or grants to support specific projects. The winning schools were announced in mid-2014. Konyang had submitted seven different projects. All of them were funded in full, for a total of 49 billion won in support.