Jeju National University

Jeju National University is a public university founded in 1952 in Jeju City, the provincial capital of JejuSouth Korea. In 2008 Cheju National University and the Jeju National University of Education merged into Jeju National University.[1] The Naewat-dang shamanic paintings are preserved there.


The university’s diverse undergraduate offerings are divided among 12 colleges: the College of Art & Design, the College of Humanities, College of Law & Political Science, College of Economics & Commerce, College of Education, College of Applied Life Sciences, College of Ocean Science, College of Natural Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Medicine, Teachers College, and College of Veterinary Medicine. There are 6 graduate schools: Graduate School, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Public Administration, Graduate School of Industry, and Graduate School of Social Education. There are 3 professional graduate schools: Graduate School of Interpretation, School of Medicine, and Law School.