Although the island of Bali often gets the attention, Indonesia, which spreads over 5,200km, actually comprises 17,000 islands with more than 500 languages spoken. Jakarta, the capital, is a huge cosmopolitan city, which draws students in with its interesting fusion of culture. It’s the economic and cultural centre of the country. Known as the Indonesian equivalent of New York, Jakarta offers some of the best nightlife in Asia.

Higher education in the country has seen a massive growth since its independence in 1945. There were only 10 institutions of higher education in 1950, while now there are almost 3,000.

Today, there are many alternative choices for Indonesian students who want to continue studying abroad. One way is to study for one (1) or two (2) years at first in Indonesia, for example by taking the Foundation, Diploma, or University Transfer Program and then transfer and resume the Bachelor study in Australia, UK, Singapore or the USA.

  • Smart Saving and Longer family time. Students will receive an International curriculum and teaching standard with affordable tuition fee as compared to Australia, UK, or Singapore. Also helps students to adapt while still studying in their home-country, which will help students to prepare for studying abroad.
  • Make the best of your experience. If you do decide to transfer to a university overseas, you might as well make the best of your experience. It’s an expensive investment that possibly only happens once in your life.


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