Incheon National University

Incheon National University (INU), previously also known as University of Incheon (UI), is a national university, operated by the legal entity (법인, 法人) established by the government of Republic of Korea (South Korea). INU campuses are located at multiple locations in the city of Incheon, part of Seoul Capital Area.

INU was first founded as a private college known as the Incheon Technical College in January 1979. Later, it was renamed Incheon College in December 1979 before getting chartered as a comprehensive university in 1988. In 1994, the university was renamed once again to University of Incheon, which was a city council funded university. In addition to these changes, INU also relocated from Dohwa-dong in Nam-gu to a new location in 2009. Now, INU stands in the new and young international city of Songdo which is also known as the New Songdo City, located in IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone). A year later, in 2010, INU merged with Incheon City College to expand capacity and open more curricula. The university now operates multiple campuses across Incheon metropolitan area at Songdo, main campus, and also at Michuhol and Dohwa-dong, satellite campuses. The central and municipal government fund the university more than US $100M per year to continue to expand education and research. INU has been reputed as one of the most innovative universities in the world, ranked #26 in the world, and #2 in South Korea just next to Seoul National University from 2021 World Universities of Real Impact (WURI) ranking. INU’s Matrix College system is recognized as one of the most efficient ways to bridge academia and industry, preparing students for immediate impact to the respective field after graduation.[2] INU is also one of the leading universities for start-up support and establishment, partly owing to national industrial park nearby (Namdong Induspark) and bio-cluster established in Songdo. INU has been ranked #1 for creating student-driven start-ups among national universities and #8 among all universities in the Republic of Korea.