Hanzhong University

Hanzhong University was a private university in South Korea. The campus was located in the city of DonghaeGangwon province. In 2018 Ministry of Education ordered closure of the university due to its significant finance troubles and corruption of the founders and leadership after the special audit conducted following the lowest evaluation the university received in 2015.


The university’s undergraduate offerings are divided among four colleges: Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts and Athletics, Nursing, and Engineering. Graduate training is offered through schools of Education, Management Information, and Business, as well as the general graduate school, which offers instruction in civil engineering and international business.


The university began in 1992 as Donghae Technical College (Korean동해전문대학교). It became a four-year institution, Donghae University (Korean동해대학교), in 1999. In 2005, name was changed to Hanzhong University.


In 2015, an evaluation by the Ministry of Education rated the university in the lowest E group, resulting in the Ministry halting its monetary support and barring the University from all state-funded programs.