Gyeongin National University of Education

Gyeongin National University of Education (GINUE) (경인교육대학교) is a teacher training institution for future public elementary school teachers in South Korea. It was founded on May 23, 1946 under the name of Gaeseong School of Education in Gyeonggi-do (경기도립 개성사범학교). In 2003, the institution changed its name from Inchon National University of Education (INUE) (인천교육대학교) to Gyeongin National University of Education. The university is the largest educational institute for training future elementary school teachers in Korea.

The university has two campuses: Incheon campus in Gyesan-dong, Gyeyang-guIncheon, and Gyeonggi campus in Seoksu-dong, Manan-gu, Anyang in Gyeonggi-do. The university offers graduate and undergraduate programs, and has an elementary school attached.


Undergraduate College

Due to the university’s specialized purpose, the undergraduate college only offers one major, in Elementary Education. However, students can also choose from specialized courses, which cover deeper educational techniques in specific areas. Departments offering specialized courses include Ethics Education, Korean Education, Social Studies Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Physical Education, Music Education, Art Education, Practical Arts Education, Computer Education, Education, Early Childhood, and English Education.

Graduate School

The graduate school of education opened on 2 March 1996 in order to produce competent educators for the advancement of elementary education. There are currently 305 full-time students enrolled majoring in 15 different programs, including majors in Elementary Education Administration, Elementary Education methods, Special Elementary Education, Elementary School Counseling, Elementary Ethics Education, Elementary Korean Education, Elementary Social Education, Elementary Mathematics Education, Elementary Science Education, Elementary Physical Education, Elementary Music Education, Elementary Arts Education, Elementary Practical Arts Education, Elementary Computer Education, Elementary English Education.