Geumgang University

Geumgang University is a South Korean Buddhist university with a residential college model, located in the countryside next to Gyeryong Mountain, between Nonsan and Daejeon. The campus is within the administrative boundaries of Nonsan’s Sangwol-myeon district. The university is operated by the Cheontae Buddhist sect headquartered at Guinsa.

The university was founded in 2003. Despite its Buddhist affiliation, students of any (or no) religion are equally accepted. For all students who maintain a 3.0 GPA average, there is no tuition fee, and housing is provided free of charge. Geumgang University is a residential college. It is a full residential college in that, unlike most universities in Korea, 100% of students live on-campus.

In 2016, courses were offered in the following subjects:

  • School of Buddhist Studies & Social Welfare
  • School of International Trade & Public Administration
  • School of Social Studies
  • Information Science

The student body is primarily undergraduates. There is a PhD program available only in the School of Buddhist Studies & Social Welfare.