Gangwon State University

Gangwon Provincial University (Korean강원도립대학) is a public college in Gangneung City, Gangwon Province, South Korea.[1] Unlike most public tertiary institutions in South Korea, it is administered directly by the provincial government of Gangwon-do. The college is well known as a research and educational institute with modern facilities.

Students and Faculty

As of February 2010, the school has about 1,400 students, 33 full-time professors, 13 adjunct professors and over 90 part-time lecturers. A total of about 3,500 students had graduated from the school, as of 2010.[citation needed]

Cooperation with Local Community

GPC has, since its inception, worked together with the local community. The campus itself is open to the general public, and the school’s departments have closely linked with local industries. For example, the college has a leading role in establishing a ‘Jumunjin Brand Squid’, whose name ‘Jumunjingeo’ combines the name of the town as well as the Korean word for fish.[citation needed] In Jumunjin, the most well known marine animal is squid.