Gangneung–Wonju National University

Gangneung–Wonju National University (GWNU) is a national research university in Gangneung and Wonju in Korea. Founded in 1946, GWNU is situated on the East coast of South Korea has risen to one of the research universities in South Korea.

Following the merger between Kangnung National University and Wonju National College on March 1, 2007, the name of the university changed to Gangneung–Wonju National University. It is recognized as one of the preeminent research universities, ranked 1st among Korean universities and 6th among Asian universities in the number of research papers in the 2009 Asia QS Universities Evaluation.

Situated near the Sea of Japan (East Sea) coastal region, GWNU has taken advantage of its location, focusing its education on new materials, marine resources, tourism and information technology. In addition, the university, as a global exchange hub-university linking the East Asian region, has formed academic agreements with 27 countries, 73 foreign universities, pursuing academic exchanges with students, faculties and staff and is growing into an international research institution in the growing global community. Currently, GWNU has about 150 international students from China, Russia, Japan, South-east Asia and the United States.