Daegu National University of Education

Daegu National University of Education, commonly abbreviated as Daegu-gyodae (대구교대) in Korean, is one of the National Universities of Education which provides training courses for preliminary teachers in the public primary schools of South Korea.

Founded in 1950, DNUE was previously called Daegu Normal School. Its first president was Kim Young-gi (김영기, 金永驥). In 1963, it was renamed Daegu Gyoyuk Dae. It concentrated on primary school education, not including secondary school courses. Its most recent name change was in 1993, when the school adopted the name it uses today. Nam Seung-in (남승인) has been its president since 2011. About 85 instructors are employed by the university.


Undergraduate course

As with South Korea’s other universities of education, due to the school’s special purpose of training primary-school teachers, DNUE has just one major, “elementary education”. However, it has opened twelve special courses for students. The undergraduate courses of study at DNUE are divided between general education and specific training in teaching. Completing a thesis is also required for graduation. Specialized teaching degrees are available in each of the teaching fields which are required in the country’s public schools.

The school is made up of several departments, which are:

  • Department of Ethics Education
  • Department of Korean Language Education
  • Department of Social Studies Education.
  • Department of Mathematics Education
  • Department of Science Education
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Department of Music Education
  • Department of Practical Arts Education
  • Department of Education (It is focusing on Elementary Education)
  • Department of English Education
  • Department of Computer Education
  • Department of Special & Compositive Education

Graduate School

At the graduate level, DNUE’s Graduate School focuses on training high quality talented elementary school teachers. The university offers courses of advanced study in the following fields:

  • Ethical Personality Education
  • Elementary Korean Language Education
  • Elementary Social Studies Education
  • Elementary Mathematics Education
  • Elementary Science Education
  • Elementary Physical Education
  • Elementary Music Education
  • Elementary Fine Arts Education
  • Elementary Practical Arts Environment Education
  • Elementary Educational Administration
  • Education Curriculum and Teaching
  • Elementary English Education
  • Elementary Special Education (designated for the handicapped students)
  • Elementary Computer Education
  • Preschool and Infant Education (Early childhood education)
  • Educational Technology
  • Elementary Counseling Education
  • Elementary Educational Thought
  • Gifted And Talented Education (Normally called ‘GATE’, special education for the gifted)
  • Modeling Creation Education
  • Children Literature Education
  • School Psychology
  • Children Sport Education
  • School Psychology
  • Multicultural Education
  • Children Invention Education
  • Substantive Scientific Experiment Education