Chungbuk National University

Chungbuk National University (CBNU) is one of ten Flagship Korean National Universities. It takes its name, Chungbuk, from the common abbreviated form of the province’s Korean name Chungcheongbuk-do.

Undergraduate Colleges

Undergraduate colleges of CBNU
  • College of Humanities
  • College of Social Sciences
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Commerce and Business Administration
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • College of Agriculture, Life & Environment Sciences
  • College of Law
  • College of Education
  • College of Human Ecology
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Medicine
  • Division of Autonomous Majors
  • School of Interdisciplinary Science

Graduate Schools

Graduate schools of CBNU
  • Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Public Administration
  • Graduate School of Industry
  • Graduate School of Business Administration
  • Graduate School of Legal Affairs
  • Law school
  • Graduate School of Medicine (Medical school)
  • Graduate School of Health Science Business Convergence