Chuncheon National University of Education

Chuncheon National University of Education is one of several national universities of education in South Korea. It provides training to future educators, primarily those bound for the primary level of the country’s public education system. The campus is located in Chuncheon City, the capital of Gangwon province in the country’s northeast. In 2004, 2,148 undergraduate students were enrolled, along with 531 graduate students. The current president is Lee Hwan-gi.


The school’s various academic departments offer focused instruction in each of the main content areas of the public-school curriculum. In addition, the graduate school offers master’s degrees in each of these fields.


The school was founded in 1939 as “Chuncheon Normal School” (춘천사범학교). It was redesignated as a two-year teacher’s college in 1962, and became a four-year college in 1983. It gained university status in 1993, and opened its graduate school in 1996.